GX2ware was contacted by Yocum Automotive in Republic MO, with an idea for a way to ask their customers for Google reviews. Specifically, they wanted a simple, reliable method to contact customers who’d had work finished in the shop that day and ask them for a review. After being in business for 12 years, and routinely asking (by mouth) for Google reviews, they had, at that time, received only 9.

Through on-site discussions with the business owner, we were able to solidify the requirements for the project. GX2ware would create a custom application to read data the from their shop management / customer relation software for the closed tickets each day. Once this data was collected, our application would send out a text message (to those customers that were able to receive texts). Contained in the text would be a ‘thank you’ from Yocum, a review request, and a link their Google review page.

Sounds simple, right? However, roadblocks (pun intended) quickly surfaced. Could we access the data from their system? What service would we use to send the text messages? After spending some time on the phone with the various companies Yocum already used, GX2ware was able to develop the process to the necessary specs. We completed the project under the original estimate, and within days, Yocum Automotive began to see Google reviews being written. Only a few months after we went live, they already have well over 100 reviews!

Each of our projects is unique due to the specific processes involved, but this simple strategy to increase market awareness could easily apply to many, many other businesses, probably including yours! Contact us today to see how we can help.

I would like to thank George at GX2ware, LLC for the outstanding work they performed for my company. I approached George with an idea to help my company gather more Google reviews from my customers. The idea was to automatically send my customers a text with a Google review link at the close of their invoice. I had the idea but did not have the skills to implement this idea into action. George listened to my request and after a bit of research concluded that he could write a program to accomplish my request. George did a great job of keeping me updated on his progress. He met the timeline that we discussed prior to the start of the project and the pricing was within the agreed budget. The program that George wrote is working great. My company’s Google reviews are climbing and my customers have commented on how easy the link is to use. I highly recommend GX2ware, LLC for any programming or app needs.

Brent Fleischman — Owner, Yocum Automotive