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About George

Hi, I’m George Georgiades, owner of GX2ware, LLC. I have been coding software and programming applications for nearly 20 years now. My wonderful wife, Juliana, teaches middle school orchestra here in Springfield, MO. We are the proud parents of two sons, Nico and John, both of whom are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at their high school.

GX2ware (“George times 2″ plus soft”ware”) is a dream of mine that has become reality, as I have always wanted to own and operate my own business. When my father passed away unexpectedly a little over a year ago, I was able to turn the sadness of his passing into the dedication to realize my dream. I see GX2ware as a memorial to him, and to all the ways he took care of me and our family.

About GX2ware

Programming is my life’s work. With GX2ware, I am striving to revolutionize businesses through custom software. What I mean by this is simple: We will have an in-depth discussion about your business, after which I will be able to help you discover processes that can be improved or replaced through software. The best part of this discussion is that I will demonstrate how you can make more money through increased efficiencies.

Every industry is different; every individual business within an industry does things slightly differently. Yet all industries run via processes that are, in essence, the same: You do A to achieve B, which then affects C and D, and so on. By and large, these processes are routine actions that are repeated over and over. My expertise is in identifying which of these processes can be enhanced through custom software — that is, software that is specifically designed for that one purpose.

Most companies still follow the “square peg in a round hole” philosophy of using off-the-shelf software for everything, attempting to make it work even where it wasn’t intended to do so. Most companies also have yet to take advantage of smartphone technology. Mobile applications can be extremely useful for any business with field employees, whether they be techs, drivers, or a sales force. I can design iPhone/Android apps to simplify and ease any field-based application.




Here are some of the projects I have completed over my years as a programmer and developer, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. For proprietary reasons, most of the specific company information must be left as generic.

Web Applications for a Manufacturer

  • A freight quote system, from the idea stage through completion
  • An interdepartmental communication system for processing quotes, from idea stage through completion
  • Enhancements to the core software used by the manufacturer’s customers.

Web Applications for a Parts Distributor

  • A reporting application that interacted with the client’s existing ERP system
  • An interdepartmental communication system for processing quotes, from idea stage through completion.

Web Applications for a Healthcare Software Company

  • Inter-application data sharing software to share health data between the company???s software platform and other software providers and systems
  • Various enhancements to the company’s core software product.

Web & Mobile Applications for an HVAC Company

  • Web: An in-house ERP system to run the company
  • Mobile: A mobile app for field techs to interact with the core ERP system

Miscellaneous Web Applications

  • A system to track customers’ purchases, handle vehicle titles, and various other aspects for a _____________ business
  • A patient-queuing system for a large local hospital
  • Work (with another vendor) on a university’s meal planning system
  • An application for a local manufacturer to translate data between to systems
  • A Windows desktop ERP system to run a shirt-printing business
  • A survey system for the Assemblies of God headquarters

Miscellaneous Mobile Applications:

  • Several marketing apps for various manufacturers
  • A price-quoting app for a company in the logging industry
  • An app for medical professionals, for use with a telemedicine system









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